5 Reasons

Program & Event Planners Love Booking Doc Scriven

  1. Experienced Speaker: Doc has delivered hundreds of keynote speeches, workshops, seminars, and presentations at Colleges, Universities, & Companies in Wales, South Africa, Hawaii, Italy, and the Continental United States.
  2. Dynamic Style: Doc has an energetic delivery that resonates with audiences and causes his message and principles to be remembered long after his presentation concludes.
  3. Fun & Humorous: Doc combines wit and laughter to keep audiences engaged and open to the major points being conveyed.
  4. Master Storyteller: Doc uses narrative to bring profound points to his audiences in a way that impacts and is truly difficult to forget.
  5. Inspirational Journey: Doc's path from poverty to Public Intellectual and Entrepreneur will demonstrate that by finding your genius, staying relentless, and having a great attitude will be amazed at the things you can actually do!